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About Us

Millennials Merchandise

Our Mission

We are the one stop shop, for the top trending deals of the year! If it's cool, new, and worth the money, we have it. Simple as that. Looking for a sewing kit for grandma? Then you’re in the wrong place! Here at Millennials Merchandise, we offer you an exclusive collection of only the top trending products of the year.

We provide you with the best balance between high-quality and low-price. The bottom line is that you want a frick'in sweet product that won’t break apart and won’t break your bank. Through research, formulas, and testing we are able to provide you with trendy products that will give you the best bang for your buck. We hand-picked only the top-ranking suppliers in premium quality, affordable pricing, and customer satisfaction.

Our specialized focus in only the top trending products allows us to keep our prices lower than competitors. Our inventory and overhead costs are much lower than larger retailers who need to pay extra money to stock millions of products. We believe in quality over quantity! 

Millennials Merchandise

Our Story

The truth is that we were fed-up! We were fed-up with paying more for name-brand products that did less. We were fed-up with searching all over the internet for inexpensive products that wouldn’t fall apart when we opened the box. And we were fed-up with sacrificing good-quality for low-price. Boom, that’s when the idea hit us like a freight train!

We were going to change the way the world shops online. We were going to provide the world with the perfect balance between good-quality and low-prices. Our entire company’s existence is based off one simple philosophy. To offer our customers name-brand quality for off-brand prices! We are dedicated to helping all the people just like us who are fed-up!

Have any questions? Contact us at or (213) 347-4362.