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Top 12 New Trending Tech Gadgets You Absolutely Need in 2020

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Want to discover the latest and greatest in technology right now? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here we’ve put together a jam-packed list of the most popular and exciting tech products of this year. 

So let's jump into the Top 12 New Trending Tech Gadgets You Absolutely Need in 2020! 

1. Wireless Earphones With a Built-in Stereo & LED Display

Wireless Earphones With a Built-in Stereo & LED Display

Boost your sound quality and stop struggling with tangled wires!

If you’ve been following the news on Instagram, then you know that Apple Airpods have been extremely popular. They’ve been making appearances everywhere from fashion celebrities to hilarious memes. However, many companies have taken this product a step further. 

Now, these wireless earphones not only come with a built-in stereo system for amplified sound, but they also come with an LED display to use as a clock or alarm. That means you can switch your earphones between private, noise-canceling earphone mode, to bass-boosted public stereo mode. On top of that, you also get an LED display clock and alarm. It’s like getting three devices for the price of one. Buy it Now!

2. All-in-One Wireless Charging Stands

All-in-One Wireless Charging Stands

Charge all of your devices at the same time with one wireless charger!

Are you tired of using multiple chargers to charge each and every one of your devices? Why not just use one charger to charge all your devices! With the all-in-one wireless charging stands, you can charge all your phones, smart watches, and earphones at the same time with a single charger. The charging stand is large enough to comfortably fit up to 4 different devices.

Not to mention it’s completely wireless so you won’t have to struggle with any tangled cables or wires. That means you don’t need to plug anything in. Simply lay your device on the charging stand and take it off once it’s done charging. The future of charging is here. Buy it Now!

3. Mini Movie Projectors for Phones

Mini Movie Projectors for Phones

Experience a big-screen movie theatre from the comfort of your home!

With the quarantine lockdown in effect, I’m sure that you miss going to movie theatres and watching movies on the big screen. Why not get the same big-screen experience from the safety of your home? Mini Movie Projectors for Phones have been a huge hit lately! 

Simply plug your smart phone into one of these portable projectors to watch your favorite movies on the big screen from the comfort of your own bed. The projector will project your movie onto any flat surface such as a screen, wall, or even ceiling. It is also extremely small and portable, so you can easily take it to a friend’s house for movie night. Buy it Now!

4. Fashionable Smart Watches

Fashionable Smart Watches

Get the latest, most trendy smart watches to match any occasion!

I’m sure you know that smart watches have been around for a while. However, did you know that new innovative designs are constantly coming out? There are many more styles of fashionable smart watches to choose from than the ones you see on the shelves of your local electronic stores. 

Smart watches now come in new and improved colors, shapes, sizes, and even materials. There is a style for everyone from the active jogger to the formal businessman. You can choose between an elegant, stainless-steel design to a sporty, waterproof design. Buy it Now!

5. Phone Video Game Controllers

Phone Video Game Controllers

Dominate the competition when playing video games on your phone!

With more and more people working from home, there has been a huge surge in video game players lately. And with the new players come new game releases, especially for mobile phones. Players are now buying phone video game controllers to give them a more competitive edge. 

These controllers connect directly to your smart phone and come in multiple styles. There are Xbox, Playstation, and even computer-style controllers available. Quickly tap your trigger finger and move around like a pro! Gaming on your phone will never be the same. Buy it Now!

6. Waterproof Solar Power Bank Chargers

Waterproof Solar Power Bank Chargers

Charge your phone anywhere using natural power directly from the sun!

Have you ever been away from home and have had to use your phone for an emergency? However, when you look down at your phone you are shocked to find that you only have 3% of your battery left! Charging your phone on-the-go is an absolute necessity when on long trips. Portable power bank chargers have solved this problem, but what happens when your power bank charger runs out of battery? 

With waterproof solar power bank chargers, you can recharge your power bank using energy directly from the sun. That means you’ll never have to plug it into another outlet again. Not to mention that it’s also waterproof so you don’t need to worry about dropping it in a river or pool. Buy it Now!

7. LED Bluetooth Speakers That Light Up

LED Bluetooth Speakers That Light Up

Party non-stop with your own personal wireless music light show!

Want to get the party really started? Get the crowd jumping with LED Bluetooth speakers that light up. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the speaker without the hassle of messy wires and choose music from anywhere in the room. Then, get your very own personal light show directly from your speaker which will surely hype up your friends. You’ll feel like you're dancing at a nightclub!

The speaker lights can change colors and are extremely portable so you can easily carry it to any party or event. Not to mention the sound quality is excellent with enough bass to feel the vibrations knocking throughout your body. Buy it Now!

8. Mini Spy Cameras

Mini Spy Cameras

Capture high-quality videos on-the-go with pocket-sized spy cameras!

Are you fed-up with using huge clunky cameras that can be spotted from a mile away? With camera sizes getting smaller and smaller, mini spy cameras have had increasingly high demand. These small-sized cameras are extremely portable and very useful for home security and even creating video blogs. 

These cameras can easily fit in your pocket, clip onto your shirt, or hang from your ceiling without being detected. These “spy cameras” can be used for virtually any scenario. Have you ever been harassed by a neighbor, feel that a police officer has been acting unjust, or have ever wanted to play a prank on a friend? Now, you can capture it all on video without them knowing while keeping your hands completely free. Buy it Now!

9. Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

Protect your phone from damage and take stunning underwater videos!

Even with the rise of waterproof phones, many people are finding out the hard way that these phones aren’t as “waterproof” as advertised. If there is the slightest dent or chip in your screen, your waterproof seal is as good as useless. Also, the waterproof seal is only effective for a certain amount of time and depth.

Waterproof cell phone cases have made a huge splash in the tech industry! These cases are perfect when taking underwater videos, swimming, boating, or doing any other type of water activity. The case is not only much more waterproof than your phone, but it also comes with a string and clip so that your phone is harder to lose when in water. Buy it Now!

10. Drones With a Built-in 4K HD Camera

Drones With a Built-in 4K HD Camera

Take stunning aerial videos and capture vast landscapes like a pro!

Aerial photography is a great way to view a landscape, sell a house, capture a wedding, add excitement to a video blog, or film a music video. Now, drones with a built-in 4K HD Camera are more affordable and better quality than ever before! 

You no longer need to break your bank or be a video expert to take professional-looking pictures or videos. Dones now have more speed, range, and image resolution than ever before! That means you can fly to the tops of mountains, over vast oceans, and through dense jungles to take incredibly stunning visuals for almost any occasion. Buy it Now!

11. Light Up Rave Clothes

Light Up Rave Clothes

Experience raves like never before and stand out with LED clothing!

Light up rave clothes are great for evening events, concerts, and Halloween parties. These clothes and accessories definitely stand out with their glow in the dark and LED light abilities. They come in different custom styles, shapes, and colors to fit your personal preferences. In the past, these have only been available at certain local specialty stores and state fairs, but now they are widely available online at a more affordable cost. Buy it Now!

12. Phone Camera Accessories

Phone Camera Accessories

Take your vlogs to the next level with phone lenses, tripods, and lights!

YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Video Blogger, and TikTok Star are some of the most popular careers in 2020. This massive rise in phone recorded videos has led to a surge in demand for phone camera accessories. Some of the most popular accessories include phone camera lenses, tripod stands, LED light rings, selfies sticks, and mini microphones. 

All of these accessories have the power to make a simple phone recorded video look and feel like it was recorded on a $10,000 video camera for a fraction of the price. Not to mention that your phone is a lot more portable and easier to use than a clunky professional camera. Buy it Now!

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